Board of Directors

Mark Anderson

mark andersonPresident and CEO
ProMach, Inc.
PMMI Immediate Past Chairman

What does your company specialize in?

We make various types of packaging machinery for many markets across the consumer product space. ProMach is a pretty large organization, and we have been growing quite a bit lately. We're now over a billion in sales. 

How did you get your start in the packaging and processing industry?

I was recruited to run ProMach 15 years ago by the owners of ProMach at that time. It was a tough decision because I was coming out of a great position with United Technologies. It's been the best professional decision of my life to join the packaging industry. Packaging is a phenomenal industry. It has been enjoyable, getting to know the people in the packaging industry and learning how the industry works.

What are your favorite PMMI events or programs?

Well, I have to say all PACK EXPOs are magnificent events to connect with customers and help them understand how we can solve their problems. I've been fortunate to be part of many different industries, and it's a phenomenal portfolio of trade shows. I also really like the Executive Leadership Conference, the Annual Meeting and Top to Top. It's an opportunity to get to know people in a much deeper way than just bumping into them at the shows. Many wonderful people run great businesses within the packaging space, and it's been really fun over the years to get to know them, how they think, and how they build their business.

What are you looking forward to most about PACK EXPO Connects?

I think PACK EXPO Connects is really important. I believe we are fortunate to be part of the consumer product and packaging industry during this peculiar year. ProMach is doing pretty well this year as I think many or most of the packaging machinery companies out there. Unfortunately, we don't get to have our wonderful trade show, but PACK EXPO Connects is another way for us to connect with our customers and show them what we're doing and what we're investing in.

I think what's exciting is that someday, things will return to normal, and we'll be past this pandemic. We'll start having trade shows again, but I think we're going to learn from an online event like PACK EXPO Connects. There is an opportunity for it to continue to be a part of our shows, particularly for people who don't get the chance to come to the show in person. While many larger companies can always bring an entourage to an in-person show, some domestic companies can't send their whole team, and PACK EXPO Connects provides a great opportunity for those folks who would not normally be able to participate and learn. And more international customers can now experience our show, who may not be able to travel this far under normal circumstances. 

But it's an opportunity for them to connect with what we're doing here, and it's an opportunity for us to show them the great machines and equipment and services that the whole PMMI world is building. I think it's going to be fun to watch, over a period of years, how it continues to evolve and expands our reach into other places in the packaging universe.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I think PMMI is a phenomenal organization, and it's been my pleasure to serve the organization and help the organization grow and thrive. It's been a very difficult year in 2020, and it's inspiring to me to see the leadership of PMMI organize us into a strong position. When the pandemic has passed us, we're going to be in a fantastic position as an industry. I would encourage everybody out there to get involved with PMMI. It's a wonderful, member-run organization.