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Packaging World
Episode #67 - Is Paper the New Plastic

Guest: Pat Reynolds, Editor Emeritus, Packaging World

Joining us on this episode is Packaging and Processing Hall of Fame member and Editor Emeritus of Packaging World, Pat Reynolds. Reynolds discusses the emergence of paper bottles and some pretty big names, including Nestle, Unilever and L’Oreal, who have started incorporating these groundbreaking bottles essentially made out of recycled paperboard and old newspapers. 

Episode #66 - We’re Going PACK to the Future

Guests: Jack Aguero, President, Aguero Associates and Brent Meyer, Owner, Brent Meyer Communications

Join us on a voyage of discovery as Curators Jack Aguero and Brent Meyer take unPACKed with PMMI listeners on a journey through the evolution of packaging and processing. The pair explain how they tackled such an enormous endeavor, where they found help along the way and a slew of other interesting tales that eventually led to the first of its kind PACK to the Future Interactive Exhibit debuting at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the North Hall. 

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Episode #65 - Do Food Processing Facilities Need a Complete Overhaul?

Guest: Aaron Hand, Editor in Chief, Profood World

The food processing industry kept food in our stores and meals on our plates despite unprecedented workforce issues, food shortages and pandemic-based plant closings over the past year and a half. For the inaugural unPACKed with Profood World, newly appointed Editor in Chief Aaron Hand revisits the year in food processing and discusses the industry’s plans going forward to ensure better-prepared facilities to deal with unexpected events, like a global pandemic.

Episode #64 - Help Wanted, and Fast!

Guest: Stephanie Neil, Editor in Chief, OEM Magazine

It’s 2021 and we are hopefully approaching the tail end of a global pandemic that shuttered businesses and eliminated thousands of jobs. Despite these factors, the packaging and processing workforce continues to struggle to fill career providing positions. Today we talk with Editor in Chief Stephanie Neil for the inaugural unPACKed with OEM Magazine. Neil goes beyond the numbers and the data points and gets to the real crux of the issues causing manufacturing to continue to have a hard time filling well-paying positions. She also provides added perspective with her expert-level knowledge of women in the workforce due to her role in PMMI's Packaging and Processing Women's Leadership Network.

Episode #63- Stay ahead of Cybercriminals . . . or Else

Guest: Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications

Remote access and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity make manufacturing more efficient, but they also create new exploitable points of vulnerability. As the manufacturing industry continues to adopt more significant levels of technology and connectivity, a robust cybersecurity strategy is essential. Donna Ritson, president of DDR Communications, discusses PMMI Business Intelligence’s report 2021 Cybersecurity: Assess Your Risk, revealing that the recent rise in remote working further compounds these vulnerabilities and leaves the manufacturing industry at greater risk of devastating cybersecurity attacks.

Packaging World
Episode #62 - 10 Billion Reasons to Embrace Reusable Packaging

Guest: Anne Marie Mohan, Senior Editor, Packaging World

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation indicates that converting just 20 percent of global plastic packaging into reuse models is a 10 billion business opportunity that benefits customers and represents a crucial element in the quest to eliminate packaging waste and pollution. Senior Editor Anne Marie Mohan makes her UnPACKed with Packaging World debut to offer reasons reusable packaging hasn’t caught on quicker and outlines emerging frameworks to make implementing reusable packaging easier for OEMs, CPGs and consumers.

Episode #61 - Understanding Market Disruption as a Competitive Advantage

Guest: Tom Morrison, President and CEO, Tom Morrison Associates

Renowned keynote speaker and expert on marketplace disruption, Tom Morrison, president and CEO of Tom Morrison Associates discusses what was shaking up the packaging and processing industry before COVID as well as how the past year added some new, potentially permanent disruptions. He lays out a classic good news/bad news evaluation for the next 5-10 years. Economically, the industry finds itself in one of the largest booms in our history while facing the lowest amount of qualified employees to handle the workload necessary to meet demand. Automation, ingenuity and an ability to remain nimble remain keys to success, and Morrison offers guidance on staying up to speed with a constantly evolving landscape.

Episode #60 - PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2021: It’s on!

Guest: Laura Thompson, Vice President, Trade Shows, PMMI

On a special bonus edition of UnPACKed with PMMI, PMMI Vice-president of Trade Shows Laura Thompson calls in from Las Vegas to discuss the return of PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO this September. The most comprehensive event in the world this year is spread across four halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and Thompson breaks down the significant competitive advantages that attendees and exhibitors will obtain from the show.

Packaging World
Episode #59 - Did 2020 Change Packaging Forever?

Guest: Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World

On this episode of UnPACKed with Packaging WorldPW  Editor Matt Reynolds takes a step back from reporting on and analyzing the details of the latest packaging trends and provides a more holistic view focused on the year 2020. After a time unlike any other, Reynolds discusses the two biggest influencers on consumer behavior — COVID-19 and societal values — and how these two drivers changed the way consumers purchase and experience packaged goods. In turn, Reynolds reinforced his belief that packaging reflects society at large.

Automation world
Episode #58 - Autonomy on the Plant Floor: Getting along (and ahead) with Robots

Guest: David Greenfield, Director of Content, Automation World

In the first episode of UnPACKed with Automation World, Director of Content, David Greenfield takes us into some of the truths and myths about automation during the past year. Were robots adopted at a higher pace over the past year or did use stay the same? What vertical markets saw the largest benefit? Are there specific robotic technologies he sees as offering the most potential for CPG production operations?