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2019 Industry Reports

This Vision 2025 session was held in conjunction with PMMI's 2019 PACK EXPO Las Vegas show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. End user and OEM discussions focused on Asset

The food industry has undergone significant changes over the last few decades as consumer desires and modern lifestyles have facilitated a shift in how people perceive food. The 2019 PMMI report,

Aftermarket success for OEMs depends heavily on providing exemplary service and having parts available when customers need them. To meet these goals, OEMs must invest in technician training, leverage

With the growing size and spending power of the senior population around the globe, healthcare packagers have an opportunity to attract the loyalty of the aging demographic by making packaging

The nutraceuticals market is comprised of vitamins & supplements, functional beverages, and functional foods. Packaging styles, similar to those in the pharma and food & beverage industries,

Omnichannel Retail: Operating Harmoniously in an Integrated, Digitially Enabled Supply Chain, is your review of how trends, machinery and the use of automation in the omnichannel retail industry

This Vision 2025 session was held in conjunction with PMMI's 2019 ProFood Tech show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Given the special emphasis ProFood Tech places on processing, this Vision

This Discussion Summary contains a comprehensive and concise narrative of all 2018 Top-to-Top Summit discussions. PMMI hopes that these observations and conclusions suggest ways for packaging

The robotics market is poised for a significant transformation in the near future, growing into new industries and new applications that were once unassailable with previous robot technology. 2018

Most industry experts foresee continued growth in the flexible packaging industry, fueled by two developments: increasing consumer demands for convenient packages, and an industry push for