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2021 Industry Reports

To begin the discussion on End-of-Line (EoL) machinery, this paper will first explore a brief overview of the EoL segments by sales for both machine and industry category. From this starting point,

When we asked all respondents -- a mix of end users, such as consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) -- to tell us their top three operational priorities

PMMI has produced this whitepaper to illustrate the findings of our latest research project, which looks into the current perceived needs of a vital segment of packaging & processing machinery

In this report, beverage manufacturers discussed the operational challenges the industry faces to meet consumer demands, material supply shortages that are driving change, and why IIoT automation and

As the manufacturing industry continues to adopt greater levels of technology and connectivity, a robust cybersecurity strategy is essential. Trends such as remote access and Industrial Internet of

The term predictive maintenance has been widely used in recent years although there is no agreed industry-wide definition. The result is that some people may have dismissed the concept as a buzzword