Industry Reports

2012 Industry Reports

2012 Industry Reports

Expiring patents, counterfeit products, globalization, automation and innovation are just a few of the drivers in the changing pharmaceutical/medical devices market, according to PMMI’s “2012

Convenience, meal replacement, busier lifestyles and the opportunity to indulge in exotic flavor options at a reasonable price are some of the main reasons consumers are snacking more than ever, not

This presentation explores key trends driving development and innovation in primary packaging, such as, increasing awareness of health and wellness, growing concerns of environmental impact, as well

Over the next 3-5 years key labeling issues confronting product manufacturers include: 

Reducing label unit costs
Use of thinner label stock
Reduction of label material waste

The modern commercial nutraceutical era began just a few decades ago, but the concept of nutraceuticals has been around since ancient times. With rising healthcare costs and consumers’ growing

The top three most critical areas of service that end users look for when evaluating a machine builder or the overall value of the machine, beyond just cost are:

Timely technical service