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It's critical for PMMI members to understand competitiveness in the packaging machinery market at all levels, from domestic to global. PMMI makes this possible by providing actionable intelligence such as industry trends, benchmarking, economic reports, and other research through an extensive Business Intelligence Program.

For questions, please contact Rebecca Marquez, Director, Custom Research, PMMI at [email protected].

Benchmarking Reports

The most comprehensive, timely and accurate source of market information available to members.

Economic Reports

Useful data to gauge the direction of the market's planned spending and factors that will influence innovation and trends in the packaging and processing industry.

Industry Reports

Quantifiable outlook of specific markets or trends as it pertains to the packaging and processing industry.

International Research

Download the latest reports to help you navigate overseas markets.

custom research

NEW: Custom Research Studies for Your Company

PMMI Media Group’s Custom Research offers brand and competitive analysis, value proposition and product development insights, and thought leadership research.

Business Intelligence Podcasts

Listen to business intelligence news and insights on the go.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Webinar


Over the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry has entered a phase of rapid evolution as the focus of therapeutic treatment delivery methods shifts in medicine. As a result, manufacturers are reevaluating their priorities when it comes to machinery for filling, packaging, labeling, and coding. Learn the trends directing the course of the pharmaceutical industry and learn the most significant challenges facing pharmaceutical manufacturers.


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