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Designing Tomorrow: The Circular Economy's Role in Sustainable Packaging

Speaker: Tim Grant, director and founder, Lifecycles

On this episode where we delve into the circular economy's role in sustainable packaging with our guest, Tim Grant. As director at Lifecycles, Grant sheds light on the importance of integrating economic considerations into environmental strategies, highlighting how the circular economy offers a more accessible framework for both industry and government. We navigate through the complexities of sustainability metrics, discussing the balance between reducing material use and promoting recyclability. Join us as we unpack the challenges and opportunities in aligning sustainability goals across global supply chains, driven by both consumer demands and the pivotal role of multinational corporations.


Tim Grant

Tim Grant
Tim Grant

Tim Grant is the director and founder of Lifecycles; owners and developers of PIQET. With over 25 years’ experience working in LCA, Tim has been instrumental in the development of data and leading-edge scientific support for supply chain sustainability tools. He has also contributed to a number of books, including Life Cycle Assessment: Principles, Practice and Prospects (CSIRO Publishing).

Tim was the founding President and long-time board member and contributor to the Australian Life Cycle Assessment society and is chair of the Ecosystem Services task force within the United Nations supported Life Cycle Initiative.