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Episode #122 - Sustainability Finds Its Home at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Guest: Brent Lindberg, Founder/Head of Curiosity, Fuseneo

Sustainability Central is a new, must-see destination at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, curated by Fuseneo. The area’s goal is to help guide attendees and exhibitors alike through a complete understanding of how to achieve packaging sustainability. Brent Lindberg from Fuseneo breaks down the six key areas — design, materials, recovery, logistics, manufacturing, and analytics — while also giving us a taste of what the ”Taking it to the Streets” Sustainability Central theme is all about.

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Brent Lindberg

Brent Lindberg
Brent Lindberg

Brent Lindberg is annoying, and he knows it. With a curiosity that rivals George, he has a habit of relentlessly asking questions like a 5-year-old. And anyone who knows him can tell you he has an obnoxious appetite for the unexpected. But somehow these odd traits create a perfect storm for real innovation. This has become the culture of Fuseneo, the packaging innovation team he formed over a decade ago. Together they help brands find unexpected opportunities in packaging by combining daring creativity with serious expertise.