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Episode #135 - Sustainable Synergy: Harnessing Digital Transformation for a Greener Tomorrow

Guest: Amit Patel, Director of Intelligent Automation at Emerson

More and more, companies are unraveling the transformative power of digital technologies in manufacturing. On this episode, we welcome Amit Patel, Director of Intelligent Automation at Emerson, as he dives into digital transformation, emphasizing its role in deploying tools and technologies for real-time insights and informed decision-making. Patel highlights the Floor to Cloud approach, advocating for a start-small-and-scale-fast mindset. Also, hear how energy monitoring boosts sustainability, aids skills development, and enhances productivity.


Amit Patel

Amit Patel
Amit Patel

Amit Patel has been with Emerson since 2017 and is the Director of Intelligent Automation at Emerson. He focuses driving the marketing direction & executing intelligent hardware & software solutions across the Discrete Automation business. Amit earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from The New Jersey Institute of Technology and holds a Six Sigma Black Belt for Process Improvement using statistical methodologies.

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