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Episode #137 - Innovations Reshaping the Packaging Landscape in 2023

Guest: Steve Davis, Global Product Line Director, Industrial Physics

Join host Sean Riley as he sits down with Steve Davis, Global Product Line Director at Industrial Physics, to explore the dynamic world of packaging innovations. In this insightful episode, discover the catalyst behind groundbreaking research on how packaging solutions are transforming industries in 2023. From the surprising emphasis on plastics to cutting-edge materials like functionalized paper, Steve Davis sheds light on the industry's evolving landscape. Gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities posed by these innovations, and learn about the critical role of testing standards in ensuring trust and reliability. Don't miss this deep dive into the complex and exciting world of packaging innovations. Tune in now!


Steve Davis

Steve Davis
Steve Davis

With over two decades of engineering experience, Steve Davis is a true expert when it comes to the design and development of metal packaging testing systems. Steve, Global Product Line Director at Industrial Physics, has provided solutions for many of the world’s leading can makers and can fillers.

Over the years, Steve’s roles have been diverse – from helping customers find the right equipment in technical sales roles to leading the charge as a European VP of a metal packaging measurement business. At Industrial Physics, he utilizes his specialist skills to lead a team of experts and ensure our equipment is able to protect the integrity of our customer’s metal packaging.

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