PMMI Podcast

Episode #139 - Manufacturing Future Unveiled: Exploring AI's Impact with David McGraw

Guest: David McGraw, Senior Director, Private Equity Performance Improvement - AI, Alvarez & Marsal

In this episode, we chat with manufacturing expert David McGraw about AI's real-world applications. From predictive maintenance to smart supply chains, we delve into impactful use cases. Discover how generative AI democratizes access and learn how trust in AI can be built while gaining valuable insights for navigating the evolving landscape of AI in manufacturing.


David McGraw

David McGraw

David McGraw is a seasoned professional in the field of Artificial Intelligence. As a Senior Director at Alvarez & Marsal in Miami, he specializes in applying Generative AI to enhance performance and create value across various business sectors. With over 12 years of experience in AI, Mr. McGraw has worked with clients in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, transportation, medical devices, and financial services, helping them identify and implement AI-driven strategies for performance improvement and value creation.

Before joining Alvarez & Marsal, Mr. McGraw spent four years at West Monroe Partners in Chicago, where he contributed significantly to the growth of the Consumer and Industrials Product Practice and co-led the Generative AI Center of Excellence. David holds a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems and an MBA from the University of South Florida. Beyond his corporate roles, he collaborates with the National Association of Manufacturing on AI policy and serves as a subject matter expert on AI and advanced manufacturing technology for the FDA-funded Medical Device Innovation Consortium. Mr. McGraw also co-founded Predikto, an AI platform for predictive maintenance, which was later acquired by Raytheon Technologies (formerly United Technologies).