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Episode #141 - Decoding ESG and its Impact on Business Dynamics

Guest: Tracy Taszarek, Consultant at Antea Group USA

Tracy Taszarek joins the podcast to demystify ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. Tracy breaks down the core components of ESG, outlines seven key steps for implementation, and discusses its impact on packaging and processing OEMs. This episode delves into the increasing prominence of ESG, fueled by heightened stakeholder involvement and the preferences of younger generations. Tune in as Sean and Tracy succinctly explore how ESG is reshaping business dynamics.

Tracy Taszarek

Tracy Taszarek
Tracy Taszarek

Tracy is a people-focused Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Consultant with 20+ years of experience with medical device manufacturing facilities, environmental engineering firms, research and development labs, and public school districts. She excels at developing and implementing EHS training and programs, and has technical expertise in waste, hazardous materials, dangerous goods transportation, bloodborne pathogens, and emergency response. Tracy serves as the North America Director of the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) and has been facilitating HPRC initiatives for the past year, engaging key stakeholders within the industry, gathering insights, and using HPRC’s work to help hospitals improve recycling programs.

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