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Shifting Gears in Sales: Embracing the New Buyer Journey in Packaging

Guest: Matt Neuberger, President/CEO, Neuberger & Company, Inc.,

In this latest episode we dive into a discussion with sales expert Matt Neuberger about evolving sales trends particular to the packaging industry. Matt highlights a paradigm shift where buyers now favor a "sales rep free" experience, preferring to research and make decisions independently. As a result, he emphasizes the importance of sales reps becoming thought leaders who offer valuable insights into business improvement, rather than focusing on technical specifications. Matt also shares strategies to increase sales close rates, the common pitfalls in sales approaches, and the power of understanding and addressing the real pain points of clients. Tune in to discover actionable sales techniques and to understand the subtleties of buyer-seller dynamics in today's market.


Matthew Neuberger

Matthew Neuberger
Matthew Neuberger

Matthew Neuberger is a nationally recognized business development expert, who specializes in executive sales consultation and sales productivity training. A dynamic presenter and trainer, Matthew helps industry leaders formulate successful management, sales and prospecting strategies daily. Matthew shares his experience in developing and executing management, recruiting, and sales tactics.

Matthew is an authentic, enthusiastic speaker, consultant, and coach who can inform as well as motivate Presidents, CEOs, other Senior Managers, and Sales Professionals.  By focusing on buyer's and seller's attitudes and behaviors, not just techniques, Matthew’s clients are able to achieve "superior selling" results. 

His authentic, high-energy, and motivational style of speaking inspires audiences of all levels, making him one of the most sought-after speakers in the business.

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