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Episode #75 - Healthcare’s Delicate Dance with Sustainability

Guest: Keren Sookne, director of Editorial Content, Healthcare Packaging

Keren Sookne, director of Editorial Content for Healthcare Packaging and PMMI’s in-house healthcare packaging expert, joins the podcast as we wrestle with how the variety of complex containers that ultimately end up as life sciences packaging can become more sustainable. She discusses the inroads healthcare packaging has already made with sustainability, the repurposing of some forms of life sciences waste and where the industry still needs to catch up with traditional CPG-based packagers. 

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Episode #74 - Each Generation’s Very Different Approach to Sustainability

Guests: Angela Peterson, Communications Manager, Tetra Pak and Marissa Golison, Director of Sustainability, Compass Group USA

In part two of unPACKed with PMMI’s Secrets of Sustainability with Tetra Pak’s Angela Peterson and the Compass Group USA’s Marissa Golison, the focus shifts from on-package messaging to generational buy-ins. As sustainability has grown from buzz word to culture, it is essential to understand and incorporate how Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z approach recycling and sustainability to best understand how to ensure messaging is hitting the mark.

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Episode #73 - Sustainability Secrets from Tetra Pak & Compass Group USA

Guests: Angela Peterson, Communications Manager, Tetra Pak and Marissa Golison, Director of Sustainability, Compass Group USA

In part one of a two-part unPACKed with PMMI series, one of the world’s largest packaging and processing companies joins one of the leading foodservice and support services companies to describe the real-world influence of sustainability on today’s consumers. Together, Tetra Pak’s US and Canadian communications manager, Angela Peterson, and the Compass Group USA’s director of sustainability, Marissa Golison, break down how brands develop on-pack messaging that appeals to consumers. 

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Episode #43 - Stumped about Sustainability? (Part II)

Guest: Tracee Auld, Chief Sustainability Officer, Graham Packaging

Part two of this UnPACKed with PMMI series offers a very compelling case for making economic sense out of sustainability at any packaging operation. Graham Packaging’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Tracee Auld joins the podcast for a one-on-one discussion on how the global packaging giant is managing its ambitious sustainability goals, including a pledge to make its full line of packaging 100 percent recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.


Episode #42 - Stumped about Sustainability? (Part I)

Guest: Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications

During a period in time when new challenges arise daily, concerns around the global pursuit of environmental sustainability could have—and can still—fall by the wayside. This two-part series of UnPACKed with PMMI podcasts provides a look at the overarching effect of a global pandemic on packaging sustainability as well as how one major packaging company is managing its ambitious sustainability goals. Donna Ritson, president of DDR Communications, joins the podcast for part one. Ritson shares her findings from PMMI’s Packaging Sustainability – A Changing Landscape report and offers insights that will help manufacturers continue to drive sustainability initiatives.

Episode #18 - PACK EXPO Rewind: A Focus on Sustainable Packaging

Guest: Jim Chrzan, Vice President, Content and Brand Strategy, PMMI Media Group

While at PACK EXPO East, Jim Chrzan joins UnPACKed to dive more into the topic of sustainable packaging. While laying out a timeline of the last decade's progress in sustainability, Chrzan shares stories of how the conversation began, where it is now and the pros and cons that come with a change in the industry.

Episode #16 - Renaissance of Recycling

Guest: Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World

Based off of trends in the last decade, big brand owners and CPGs have created ambitious sustainability goals for 2020, leading us into a “Renaissance of Recycling.” Packaging World editor, Matt Reynolds returns to the UnPACKed studio to share in depth predictions for 2020 trends in packaging during this era of sustainability.