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Illinois Institute of Technology (Institute for Food Safety and Health)

Programs focus on:
Food Processing, Food Safety and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition provides full-time students and working professionals with skills needed to succeed in both food science and management positions located in industry, academia, and government. The Depatterned offers Masters and PhD degrees and certificates in food safety, food technology, and food process engineering. With an enrollment of over 90 students, Illinois Tech's food science program has a flexible structure that meets the needs of booth full-time students and working professionals. Students may attend classes on-line or at IIT's Main Campus, part-time of full-time, selecting either the these or non-thesis options. Since the Department leverages the power of the on-site collaborative research between Illinois Tech and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA), Division of Processing Science and Technology, our students benefit immensely from focused interaction with FDA scientists. 

Food Processing Specialist Certificate Program provides a board working knowledge of technical elements of thermal processing systems (with understanding of alternative technologies) to qualify at an intermediate level and a recognized Food Processing Specialist. Graduates of the program receive a Food Processing Specialist Certified and college graduates from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Credits can be transferred to the IFSH/IIT Food Process Engineering Degree Program.

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