PMMI U Skills Fund

For Your Current Workforce

Looking to boost the skills of your company’s existing workforce? The PMMI U Skills Fund offers the financial support you need to provide valuable learning and development opportunities to your employees. 

Use the PMMI U Skills Fund to match your company’s contribution up to $10,000 per year for work-related, multi-employee corporate training initiatives like PMMI’s in-plant industry training offerings (Certified Trainer, Risk Assessment and Fundamentals of Field Service Workshops) or external offerings such as LEAN training.

The PMMI U Skills Fund makes it easier than ever for you to offer additional training, for your employees, thus increasing the skill level within your company and assisting you in retaining qualified workers.

To apply, please fill out the online application.

New as of 2023! Reimbursement will be made to the member company upon receiving receipt of payment.

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  • Must be a PMMI member company in good standing (cannot be a subsidiary of a member company).
  • Training must be manufacturing related.
  • Must be for three or more employees from the company.
  • Member company must provide a list of employees being trained.
  • Course must be taken within the calendar year the funds were approved for.

Application Details:

  • An application is not a guarantee of receiving funds.
  • Only complete application requests that meet the eligibility requirements will be considered.
  • Once completed, the online application will allow updates to supporting documents. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email once the application is received. 
  • Company can request funds multiple times but cannot exceed $10,000 per year in matching funds from PMMI.

Application Components:

  • Requesting company information
  • Course information, including vendor, program name, location and main point of contact.
  • Employee roster, including names, emails and titles.
  • Course receipt.
  • Total amount of funds requested.

Additional Information:

  • Allow 14 business days for application review.
  • Job-related course (includes any job-related training program or seminar deemed appropriate by their employer. Examples include packaging machinery related courses, non-degree training and certification programs, and task-specific seminars, and PMMI education programs.)