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PMMI Media Group’s Custom Research conducts custom research studies for your business. Hire our experts to explore the trends driving your business, and your current position in the marketplace. Armed with this information, you can develop a marketing strategy uniquely suited for your brand that will generate a strong return on investment.

Town Hall Series

PMMI produced a series of virtual town hall webinars featuring panelists from both PMMI members and CPG customers to assist PMMI member companies with the challenges faced during these unprecedented times. Feel free to share these with your team. Click here to view the full list of virtual town hall webinars.

PMMI Media Group

Our editors offer the latest updates, insights and input on the current state of the industry.


Leads Insights from Converge and Scout

Identify the companies who are most engaged with your content, with two new data privacy-compliant technologies from PMMI Media Group. Gain insight about multi-touch, multi-channel leads; and identify and track previously anonymous visitors to your website.


Maintaining Sales Relationships

Matt Neuberger, President and CEO of Neuberger & Company, shares his insights on adapting to meet customer needs while maintaining empathy during a time when many salespeople aren’t even sure what the right time is to reach out to customers.