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PMMI is excited to announce a new way to get your packaging and processing insights, research and innovations. With the UnPACKed with PMMI podcast, you can listen to us anywhere on the go, in the comfort of your home, in the office – whenever you find the time.

You’ll hear from industry influencers, executive Q&As, case studies and more as we dive into your most pressing business challenges.

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UnPACKed with PMMI shares the latest packaging and processing industry insights, research and innovations to help you advance your business – wherever you are in your career.

Episode #16 - Renaissance of Recycling

Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World

Based off of trends in the last decade, big brand owners and CPGs have created ambitious sustainability goals for 2020, leading us into a “Renaissance of Recycling.” Packaging World editor, Matt Reynolds returns to the UnPACKed studio to share in depth predictions for 2020 trends in packaging during this era of sustainability.

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Episode #15 - Don’t Fear the Reefer

Jim Chrzan, Vice President, Content and Brand Strategy, PMMI Media Group

It has been years since something has moved the needle in packaging and processing as much as recreational and medical cannabis. There are so many factors in play as state and federal governments continue to disagree on its legality. Join PMMI Media Group’s Jim Chrzan, vice president, content and brand strategy, to bring us up to speed on all the latest developments.

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Episode #14 - Growth in the Packaging Industry: 2020 and Beyond

Jorge Izquierdo, Vice President Market Development, PMMI

Every year, the PMMI team releases a robust State of the Industry report that offers the most up-to-date stats, estimates and analysis on the U.S. and Canadian packaging industries. Jorge Izquierdo, PMMI’s vice president of Market Development, shares the latest in packaging industry growth in 2018-2019 and expectations for 2020 and beyond – and how OEMs can take this information and advance their businesses.

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Episode #13 - How to Stay Ahead of Business Disruptions

Mike Steep, Executive Director, Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities, and Former SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC Xerox, and Stephanie Neil, Editor-in-Chief, OEM Magazine.

Get ahead of inevitable business disruption with practical tips for fueling innovative ideas powered by new technology.

Episode #12 - Tackling Glass Ceilings

Dr. Jen Welter, first female to serve as an NFL coach, and Stephanie Neil, Editor-in-Chief, OEM Magazine

During the 2019 Annual Meeting Dr. Jen Welter, the first female to serve as an NFL coach, breaks down how to reach your full potential, her experiences in a male-dominated industry and the importance of authenticity in leadership.

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Episode #11 - Support the Future of Packaging & Processing on Giving Tuesday

As we make our way through the holiday season, Giving Tuesday is right around on the corner on Dec. 3. One way that PMMI gives back to the industry is through its PMMI Foundation. In this podcast, you’ll hear straight from the mouths of the next generation of packaging and processing. Meet some of our 2019 PMMI scholarship winners and members of a robotics team who attended PACK EXPO Las Vegas. You can contribute to the future of the industry on Giving Tuesday by visiting

Episode #10 - Navigating the Multi-Marketing Landscape

Dave Newcorn, Senior Vice President, Digital & Data, PMMI Media Group, and Stephanie Neil, Editor-in-Chief, OEM Magazine

After his Annual Meeting presentation, “Multi-Channel Marketing Update: How Best to Reach Today's Buyer”, Dave Newcorn continues the conversation as he shares the best way to reach today’s packaging buyers, results from the brand-new buying cycle study and offers an early look at the latest tool for navigating the multi-marketing landscape.

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Episode #9 - An Inside Look at the 2019 Global Food Forum

Tom Egan, Vice President, Industry Services, PMMI, Glen Long, Senior Vice President, PMMI

Every year, the Wall Street Journal brings together the biggest names in food to explore key risks and opportunities shaping the global business of food. Hear top takeaways from the 2019 Global Food Forum and how these trends will impact packaging and processing.

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Episode #8 - PACK EXPO Rewind: 2019 Trends From the Show Floor

Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World

After a successful 2019 PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, Matt Reynolds sits down and shares the biggest trends he saw on the show floor.

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Episode #7 - PACK EXPO Rewind: A Look into Vision 2025

Jim Chrzan, Vice President, Content & Brand Strategy , PMMI Media Group

Jim Chrzan participated in three days’ worth of PMMI’s Vision 2025 sessions during the 2019 PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO. In this podcast, he provides a quick look at the challenges and trends tackled by the CPGs, OEMs and contract packagers during the event.

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Episode #6 - PACK EXPO Rewind: Exploring New Territories with Ellen Ochoa

Ellen Ochoa, first Hispanic woman to go to space, and Stephanie Neil, Editor-in-Chief, OEM

Over 700 women (and men) attended PMMI’s Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network breakfast in Las Vegas where they were captivated by speaker Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman in space and the second female director of the Johnson Space Center. In this podcast, you’ll hear more about Ellen’s story and her leadership advice.

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Episode #5 - Dive Into Mexico’s Packaging Machinery Market

Luis Domenech, Managing Director at Market Intelligence Latin America, S.C.

Packaging machinery demand in Mexico has seen important growth in recent years. Is your company prepared? Learn how to navigate politics and investment decision making processes, how wage increases will impact sales, the latest in USMCA and more. Packaging machinery manufacturers will walk away more prepared to target Mexico in 2020.

Episode #4 - Get to Know The CEO

Jim Pittas, President and CEO, PMMI

Jim Pittas stepped into some pretty big shoes in 2018 when he replaced Chuck Yuska, who retired as President and CEO of PMMI after 27 years. In this episode we will find out not only what led Jim into Association Management and the packaging and processing industry but a little more about Jim Pittas the person.

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Episode #3 - Moving Operational Excellence Forward with the OpX Leadership Network

Bryan Griffen, Director, Industry Services, PMMI

PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network brings together experts in the packaging and processing industry to drive operational excellence and keep North American manufacturing strong. Take a deep dive into what the OpX Leadership Network offers the industry and how you can benefit from its free solutions.

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Episode #2 - How to Host a Successful Manufacturing Day

Brian Ormanic, Applications Engineer, ARPAC

It’s more important than ever to bridge the skills gap by engaging with your future workforce. One way to do this is by hosting your own Manufacturing Day, held annually on the first Friday in October. Intimidated? Don’t be – it’s easy! Hear best practices for how your company can inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

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Episode #1 - Robotics: Innovation 2 Implementation

Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications

Hear insights from PMMI's report on why growth in robotics is outpacing forecasts in CPG markets. Discover how to expand robotics along the manufacturing line and explore the question of how CPGs are able to justify the investment of integrating robotics into their operations.