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You’ll hear from industry influencers, executive Q&As, case studies and more as we dive into your most pressing business challenges in real-time – including how PMMI and its members are addressing the COVID-19 crisis. In a special series, OEMs offer their guidance around managing business operations, how packaging is playing a vital role in helping society through these unfamiliar times, and best practices for keeping the industry strong and connected.

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Episode #85 - Ripe Opportunity for OEMs in Pharma Market

Guest: Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications

The pharmaceutical white paper from PMMI Business Intelligence explores the trends shaping the future of pharmaceutical processing and packaging. This episode of UnPACKed with PMMI takes a deep dive into the white paper with Donna Ritson, President of DDR Communications. Ritson discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted pharmaceutical production and how that disruption affected the industry. She also highlights that, more than ever before, pharma companies are open to input and cooperation from OEMs to find ways to prevent this deep disruption in the future.  

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Episode #84 - All About End of Line

Guest: Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications

The End of Line Equipment Report from the PMMI Business Intelligence Committee details the major trends shaping the EoL machinery market and how OEMs and suppliers can better position themselves and their products in the market. Today we chat with longtime friend of the podcast and president of DDR Communications Donna Ritson about her key messages to glean from this report.

Check out the report: 2021 End-of-Line Equipment: Purchasing Trends and Design Insights

Episode #83 - Women in Packaging and Processing: A Path to Personal and Professional Success

Guest:  Lisa Rathburn, VP of Engineering, T. Marzetti Company

Not only does PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network bring together CPGs and OEMs to develop best practices and protocols for free industry adoption, but it also serves as a resource for tackling more significant industry issues. This unPACKed with PMMI episode revisits women in manufacturing with Lisa Rathburn, VP of engineering at T. Marzetti Company and active member of OpX Leadership Network and the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network. Hear Rathburn provide success stories, inspiration, and tips that will help and encourage women currently in the industry and offer guidance for young women looking to manufacturing as a career.

Episode #82 - Steel Toes and Stilletos: Femininity in Manufacturing

Guests: Kathy Miller, Co-founder, OPSisters and Shannon Karels, Co-founder, OPSisters

A foray into advising manufacturers on proper lean methodologies in their operations grew into a book about not only lean manufacturing but building inclusive and diverse cultures. OEM Editor Stephanie Neil discusses the book “Steel Toes and Stilettos” with authors Kathy Miller and Shannon Karels, complete with advice for women on navigating a career in manufacturing.

Episode #81 - Next Stop PACK EXPO International 2022

Guests: Matt Reynolds from Packaging World and Aaron Hand from ProFood World

UnPACKed with PMMI puts a bow on PACK EXPO East and turns its eyes to PACK EXPO International 2022. ProFood World’s Aaron Hand and Packaging World’s Matt Reynolds discuss trends coming out of PACK EXPO East that the industry should be preparing to see in Chicago. Hand delves into packaging and processing software that engages with employees, offering feedback that reinforces users and ensures they are aware that they are valued as employees. Reynolds continues to unveil the most up to date sustainable materials, who is making them, and where they can be found.

Episode #80 - A Look Back at Eye-Catching Exhibits from PACK EXPO East

Guests: Natalie Craig, Managing Editor, OEM Magazine, Dave Greenfield, Director of Content, Automation World

UnPACKed with PMMI continues its look back at PACK EXPO East with PMMI Media Group’s Automation Guru Dave Greenfield from Automation World and Packaging World’s Natalie Craig. The pair highlight exciting machinery finds from the show floor, ideal for emerging brands looking to make their first inroads into packaging via form/fill/seal. Greenfield also breaks down the emergence of automation software as a tool for everything from determining OEE to helping operations lay out a clear case to the executive suite on why automation spending almost always reveals immediate ROI.

Episode #79 -PACK EXPO East – Daily Download Day 1

Guest: Stephanie Neil, Editor in Chief, OEM Magazine, and Guest: Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World

Most PACK EXPO Forum sessions involve discussions on trends or issues that need addressing in the packaging and processing industry. Each day, as a bonus to attendees, Sean Riley sits down with two of our esteemed editors from PMMI Media Group to talk about real solutions from the show floor that attendees can stop by and take a look at. Since everyone can’t get to every booth, Matt Reynolds from Packaging World Magazine, Stephanie Neil from OEM and Sean share some must-see technologies that every attendee and exhibitor should be aware of.

Episode #78 - Don’t be the Reason your Company is Attacked

Guest: Ben Spencer, IT Manager, PMMI

Small and medium-sized manufacturing operations are now the companies that hackers and bad actors target the most as the stressed supply chain can become wholly unhinged with a few mouse clicks. Obviously, the events unfolding in Ukraine only add to the concern for IT and OT professionals. In this episode of unPACKed with PMMI, IT Manager Ben Spencer explains how more often than not, employees prove to be a weak point in cybersecurity prevention plans. Are you prepared? Are your colleagues prepared? Find out as we dive into the keys for success for end-user security awareness. 

Episode #77 - PMMI CYBER ALERT: Batten Down the Hatches

Guests: Andy Lomasky, IT Director, PMMI and Bryan Griffen Sr. Director, Industry Services, PMMI 

With the development of the recent events in Ukraine and U.S. sanctions on Russia starting to sink in, government authorities are warning of imminent increases in state-sponsored hacking attempting to disrupt infrastructure and supply chains. This episode of unPACKed with PMMI interrupts its regular schedule to welcome PMMI IT Director Andy Lomasky and OT Specialist and PMMI Sr. Director, Industry Services, Bryan Griffen. The pair deliver five quick recommendations to assist all employees — on and off the plant floor — in doing everything they can to secure operations.

Episode #76 - A Raw Talk with Steve’s Real Foods

Guest: Nicole Lindsley, CEO, Steve’s Real Food

This episode delves into the world of raw food processing with Steve’s Real Food owner Nicole Lindsley as she discusses how the Food Safety Modernization Act changed the game for raw pet food processing. After spending two years evaluating its food safety program Steve’s Real Food decided High Pressure Processing was the best way to meet FSMA requirements but also found that the added shelf life made it possible for Steve’s to grow into a company with distribution in many different international markets.

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