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You’ll hear from industry influencers, executive Q&As, case studies and more as we dive into your most pressing business challenges in real-time – including how PMMI and its members are addressing the COVID-19 crisis. In a special series, OEMs offer their guidance around managing business operations, how packaging is playing a vital role in helping society through these unfamiliar times, and best practices for keeping the industry strong and connected.

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Episode #26 - How to Safely Use Remote Monitoring During COVID-19

Guest: Spencer Cramer, CEO, Ei3 Corporation

During the COVID-19 crisis, the one topic that comes up as often as washing your hands and social distancing, is remote monitoring. As facilities are forced to put their clamps on visitors, companies on both sides of the table are turning to remote methods of doing business. In packaging and processing machinery, that means augmented or virtual reality and remote monitoring. Spencer Cramer, CEO, Ei3 Corporation, joins the podcast to explain the ins and outs of remote monitoring.

Episode #25 - COVID-19’s Impact on the Canadian Market

Guests: Alan Shuhaibar, President, BellatRx and Ian Borrell, Director of Sales at Mpac Langen

As the pandemic continues to impact lives daily, PMMI is using its channels to offer insights and reinforce that we are in this together. In this episode, the podcast heads north to investigate how ever-changing mandates are affecting the Canadian market, and provide observations that apply to manufacturing across North America. BellatRx Inc.President Alan Shuhaibar and Mpac Langen Sales Director of Americas, Ian Borrell share how communication with customers is key, the importance of keeping staff constantly updated and more.

Episode #24 - How Morrison Container Handling Solutions and F.R. Drake Company are Navigating COVID-19

Guests: Nancy Wilson, CEO, Morrison Container Handling Solutions and Tom Ivy, President, F.R. Drake 

The fourth episode in our special UnPACKed with PMMI series features Morrison Container Handling Solutions CEO Nancy Wilson and F.R. Drake Company President Tom Ivy. Each recognizes their company’s importance to the supply chain, but must acknowledge the safety of their employees and colleagues over all else during the COVID-19 crisis. Hear their operational best practices for dealing with the pandemic.

Episode #23 - How Polypack, Inc. and Garvey Corporation are Navigating COVID-19

Guests: Emmanuel Cerf, Vice President, Polypack, Inc. and Jake Garvey, Director of OEM Sales, Garvey Corporation

With the industry and society a bit unstable right now, PMMI is using whatever channels available to help everyone through these uncertain times – and in the next episode of our special UnPACKed with PMMI series, Vice President of Polypack, Inc. Emmanuel Cerf and Director of OEM Sales at Garvey Corporation, Jake Garvey, share how their organizations are forging ahead after employing the proper caution during the COVID-19 crisis.

Episode #22 - How Pearson Packaging Systems is Navigating COVID-19

Guest: Michael Senske, President and CEO, Pearson Packaging Systems 

Continuing PMMI’s special UnPACKed with PMMI series, PMMI interviews Pearson Packaging’s President and CEO Michael Senske. While describing the measures Pearson has implemented during the pandemic, Senske encourages the industry to recognize the vital role it plays in helping society through these unfamiliar times. While traditionally flying under the radar, packaging and the customers they serve are essential to ensuring food, pharmaceuticals and essential items reach the people that need them. 

Episode #21 - How ProMach, Inc. is Navigating COVID-19 Abroad and at Home

Guest: Mark Anderson, President and CEO, ProMach, Inc. 

In these unprecedented times, PMMI strives to provide as much support as it can to its members. In the first of a special UnPACKed with PMMI series, PMMI interviews ProMach, Inc. President and CEO Mark Anderson. Mark candidly shares how the company managed its operations in China and Europe in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, and how they continue to evolve their business strategy at home and abroad during these ever-changing days. Stay tuned for more podcasts with PMMI members as they offer their guidance around COVID-19 planning in an effort to keep the industry strong and connected.

Episode #20 - PACK EXPO Rewind: Show Floor Findings

Guest: Matt Reynolds, Editor, Packaging World

While on-site in Philadelphia at PACK EXPO East, Matt Reynolds returns to UnPACKed to share the buzz around trends from the show floor. From monomaterials to sustainability and even conversations around cannabis, this episode contains the latest trends you need to move your business forward.

Episode #19 - PACK EXPO Rewind: Financial Empowerment and Fixing the Broken Rung

Guests: Kweilin Ellingrud, McKinsey & Company, Kelly Coyne, Impax Asset Management LLC and Pax Ellevate Management LLC and Stephanie Neil, Editor-in-Chief, OEM Magazine

Hear keynote speakers from the Packaging & Processing Women's Leadership Network's "Financial Empowerment and Fixing the Broken Rung" breakfast continue the conversation about the power of parity, accelerating gender equality and share research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) “Women in the Workplace 2019” report.

Episode #18 - PACK EXPO Rewind: A Focus on Sustainable Packaging

Guest: Jim Chrzan, Vice President, Content and Brand Strategy, PMMI Media Group

While at PACK EXPO East, Jim Chrzan joins UnPACKed to dive more into the topic of sustainable packaging. While laying out a timeline of the last decade's progress in sustainability, Chrzan shares stories of how the conversation began, where it is now and the pros and cons that come with a change in the industry.

Episode #17 - Safety First: All Things Risk Assessment

Guest: Bruce Main, Safety Expert and Technical Advisor, PMMI

Risk assessment analysis looks to identify hazards associated with machinery or equipment in order to develop risk reduction measures. Hear in-depth details on machinery safety techniques, steps in the risk assessment process and the B155.1 safety standard from PMMI’s in house safety expert and technical advisor, Bruce Main.