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Episode #132 - Beyond Vegas: Exploring Packaging Tech at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

Guests: Keren Sookne, Director of Editorial Content, Healthcare Packaging and Matt Reynolds, Chief Editor, Packaging World

Before we completely put PACK EXPO Las Vegas in our rearview mirror, unPACKed revisits the latest in must-see technology and trends from the largest PACK EXPO Las Vegas ever. We sat down with Keren Sookne from Healthcare Packaging and Matt Reynolds from Packaging World to delve into some of the highlights each saw on the PACK EXPO Las Vegas show floor. Automation takes center stage, addressing the urgent need for faster and more efficient production, but each editor added a few other innovations that they uncovered at this year’s show. Let’s have a listen.

Episode #131 - Kim Kizer: From Temp Worker to Packaging VP

Guest: Kim Kizer, VP, CCL Containers

This episode of unPACKed with PMMI dives into the remarkable journey of Kim Kizer in the packaging industry. Kim's story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and breaking through barriers. In a candid conversation, we'll explore her path from a temp worker to a Vice President at CCL Containers, defying expectations and embracing leadership in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Episode #130 - Cybersecurity in Manufacturing: Protecting Your Operations

Guest: Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications

In this episode Donna Ritson, President, DDR Communications joins the pod to discuss the rising threat of cyber-attacks in manufacturing. She discusses various attack strategies, including phishing and ransomware, and highlights the vulnerability of interconnected networks, stressing the need for comprehensive cybersecurity plans. Tune in to hear about practical steps manufacturers can take to protect themselves from cyber threats, including employee training, risk assessments and more. 

Access PMMI's white paper, "Cybersecurity: Assess Your Risk," for more in-depth information on this critical topic.

Episode #129 - Exploring Mexico's Packaging Machinery Market Growth Pt. 2: Politics, Packaging Investments & AI Impact

Guest: Luis Domenech, Managing Director at Market Intelligence Latin America

In Pt. 2 of Exploring Mexico's Packaging Machinery Market Growthwe welcome back expert Luis Domenech to explore the intriguing correlation between politics and packaging investments in Mexico. He discusses historical drops in packaging machinery demand during election years due to uncertainty. Luis delves into Mexico's transition to democracy and how ideology shifts have affected investment patterns and assess whether history will repeat itself with the upcoming election.

Luis explains Mexico's adoption of AI, with a focus on predictive maintenance and traceability in larger companies. Listen in to hear Luis' two key tips for packaging machinery manufacturers looking to succeed in Mexico: understanding market trends and establishing local presence.

Episode #128 - Exploring Mexico's Packaging Machinery Market Growth Pt. 1

Guest: Luis Domenech, Managing Director at Market Intelligence Latin America

Join us as we sit down with Luis Domenech in this first installment to uncover the driving forces behind the remarkable growth in Mexico's packaging machinery market  in 2022. Drawing from his extensive research and deep industry expertise, Domenech paints a vivid picture of how Mexico shattered records and established itself as a key player in the packaging machinery landscape. Discover how neighboring countries, particularly the United States and Canada, have played an instrumental role in Mexico's overwhelming majority of packaging machinery capital investments.

As the episode unfolds, Domenech provides invaluable insights into the factors that fueled the surge, from evolving consumer demands to technological advancements. Tune in as we explore the symbiotic relationship between Mexico's packaging industry and its North American counterparts, examining how collaboration and innovation have fueled this impressive growth trajectory.

Episode #127 - Unveiling PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023: A Sneak Peek with Laura Thompson

Guest: Laura Thompson, Vice President, Trade Shows, PMMI

In this episode, we're joined by Laura Thompson, PMMI’s Vice President, Trade Shows, to give you an insider's look at what's in store for attendees and exhibitors at the upcoming PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

With less than a month to go, excitement is building for the largest PACK EXPO Las Vegas in the show's history. Thompson walks us through the latest innovations, must-see attractions, and timeless favorites that make PACK EXPO Las Vegas the ultimate industry showcase.

From cutting-edge technologies to hands-on demonstrations, she unveils the dynamic experiences awaiting you at the show. Tune in to discover the future of packaging and processing and get ready to be amazed by new exhibits that push the boundaries of innovation.

Whether you're a packaging pro or new to the scene, this episode is your guide to all things PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023. Join us as we count down to the big event and explore the world of innovation, inspiration, and endless possibilities.

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Episode #126 - Tackling PACK EXPO Las Vegas: Insider Tips for Attendees

Guest: Ervin Hardee, Senior Engineer, Procter and Gamble

Join us as we dive into the ultimate episode for PACK EXPO Las Vegas success! With 2,000+ exhibitors, this trade show can be overwhelming, but fear not. Seasoned engineer Ervin Hardee from Procter and Gamble shares his winning strategy – from pre-show prep to on-site execution. Tune in to discover his golden advice for maximizing each day of the show. Whether you're a rookie or a veteran, Ervin's insights will help you conquer PACK EXPO like a pro!

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Episode #125 - Mastering the Art of Networking in Packaging and Processing Jobs

Guests: Nancy Wilson, the CEO of Morrison Container Handling Solutions and Melanie Denny, a personal branding consultant and self-marketing expert

In this episode, we delve into the world of networking within the packaging and processing industry. The Packaging and Processing Women’s Leadership Network, powered by PMMI, has launched a series of educational Learning Circles, and this one focuses on the essential skills that can propel your career forward, no matter your role.

Stephanie Neil sits down with two accomplished experts: Nancy Wilson, the CEO of Morrison Container Handling Solutions, and Melanie Denny, a personal branding consultant and self-marketing expert. Together, they explore the best strategies to excel at networking both within your own organization and throughout the broader packaging industry.

Discover invaluable tips and insights on how to build meaningful connections, leverage your personal brand, and navigate networking challenges with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, this episode will equip you with the tools you need to become a standout networker and advance your career in packaging and processing. Tune in now and learn how to unlock the power of networking for your professional growth!

Episode #124 - Defending the Food Chain: How Industry Giants Unite to Safeguard Food and Beverage Processing from Cyber Threats

Guests: Scott Algeier, Executive Director of the Information Technology – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) and Executive Director of the Food and Agriculture – Information Sharing and Analysis Center and Paul Hershberger, Cyber Command Center Leader, Cargill

In this episode, we explore the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity threats impacting our food producers. With bad actors continuously advancing their tactics in the cyber world, the Food and Agriculture Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) has taken proactive measures to safeguard food and beverage processing companies from potential cyber-attacks.

Join us as we welcome esteemed guests Scott Algeier and Paul Hershberger to unPACKed as they shed light on how industry giants like Conagra, PepsiCo, and Oracle have joined forces through the ISAC to share vital information, fortify defenses, and prevent cyber threats in the food chain. Discover how this collaborative effort aims to deter attacks and, when necessary, support food and beverage processing companies in restoring their cyber health.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone invested in the security of our food supply chain and the resilience of the food and beverage processing industry. Tune in now to gain valuable insights into the power of unity and proactive measures against cyber adversaries, ensuring a safer future for our food producers.

Episode #123 - Bubbling Crisis: How Co2 Shortage Will Affect Food and Bev Industries

Guest: Aaron Hand, Editor-in-Chief, ProFood World

In this episode, we discuss the surprising carbon dioxide shortage and its potential ramifications on carbonated beverages, sparkling waters, beers, and hard seltzers. Pro Food World’s Aaron Hand joins unPACKed and unravels the causes behind this increasingly hushed global crisis.

Discover the factors contributing to the CO2 scarcity and its current effects on the food and beverage processing industry. Learn about the implications this shortage may have on your favorite beverages, prompting us to consider the broader impact on the market and what we can do to restore the effervescence to our drinks. Tune in now to stay informed on the unfolding situation and its potential effects on the beverages you love.