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Episode #121 - Managing Risk with PMMI ANSI Standard

Guest: Bruce Main, Safety Expert and Technical Advisor, PMMI

PMMI’s ANSI B155.1 2023 Safety Requirements for Packaging and Processing Machinery standard helps mitigate risk for packaging and processing companies. On this episode Bruce Main joins the podcasts to discuss the latest update to the PMMI standard, but not before he breaks down exactly what the difference is between regulations like edicts from OSHA or the EU and standards like the aforementioned ANSI B155.1

Episode #120 - Embracing Circularity with Thermoforms

Guest: Zach Muscato, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Plastic Ingenuity

Circularity is an important aspect of sustainability, aiming to keep materials and resources in use through multiple cycles. While thermoforms can be recycled, the current recycling rates are relatively low, presenting an opportunity for improvement. Zach Muscato explains how incorporating more post-consumer recycled (PCR) content is crucial, but requires increased demand and consumer education. He adds that accessible and equitable recycling systems and building trust in the recycling process are also important for improving sustainability efforts.

Episode #119 - Selling Your Company to Potential Hires

Guest: Thad Price, CEO, Talroo

The days of companies holding all the power in the recruitment of talent are long over. Thad Price explores an area of workforce unPACKed with PMMI rarely touches on: the expense around recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. Essentially it's crucial to pitch your company as a great place to work, whereas in the past, the onus was on the potential hire to sell themselves.

Episode #118 - Where Are We Headed?

Guest: Daniel Burrus, best-selling author, business strategist, and technology futurist 

Renowned futurist Daniel Burrus discusses change vs. transformation, among other topics that will dictate the business landscape going forward. The Blackberry, for example, brought change, but the iPhone and the advent of true smartphone technologies initiated a transformation in the way we live and work. It’s a fascinating listen with someone who researches where we will be vs where we currently are and his input is truly helpful when planning business for the next 3, 5 and 10 years.

Episode #117 - Putting People in the Right Positions

Guest: Richard Bahr, Former PMMI Chairman and current CEO Coach

Former PMMI Chairman and current CEO Coach Richard Bahr discuss his time working with Entrepreneurial Operating Systems. Often used interchangeably with Traction, Bahr breaks down EOS as an operating system for your business that is people-centric, high on accountability, and very high on creating rhythm. Putting people in the right positions to succeed, which obviously every business needs.

Episode #116 - Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Guest: Jason Dorsey, President, The Center for Generational Kinetics

Fresh off his best selling book “Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business―and What to Do About It,” Jason Dorsey bring his years of experience studying generation kinetics to filter out the noise of generations and how they work and lays out plainly how everyone from Baby boomers to millennials needs to adapt to work with each other for the common goal that is good business practices. Let’s have a listen.

Episode #115 - Your Sustainable Responsibility under EPR

Guest: Rebecca Marquez, Director of Custom Research, PMMI

PMMI's Director of Custom Research Rebecca Marquez closes the loop on her ground-breaking research project with AMERIPEN, returning to unPACKed to highlight the many ways federal and state legislation will drive sustainability in your state and across the U.S. More importantly, she discusses how laws will impact OEMs and CPGs and what each should be doing now to prepare for inevitable change around Extended Producer Responsibility as an environmental policy approach.

Episode #114 - MRFs and Flexible Packaging Need to Work Together

Guest: Rebecca Marquez, Director of Custom Research, PMMI

PMMI's Director of Custom Research Rebecca Marquez returns to the unPACKed microphone to discuss the findings from her comprehensive collaboration with AMERIPEN: “2023 Packaging Compass: Evaluating Trends in U.S. Packaging Design Over the Next Decade and Implications for the Future of a Circular Packaging System.” In Part One of this Chat, Rebecca takes us through the most important findings from the report. Be on the lookout for Part Two, offering a perspective on how legislation down the road might impact OEMs and CPGs.

Episode #113 - Is Data the Missing Link in the Broken Supply Chain?

Guest: Matthew Wright, founder & CEO, Specright

Sustainability and supply chain, supply chain and sustainability. Over the past three years not a month has gone by where unPACKed didn't touch on one or both of these two issues. This episode approaches the issues from an entirely new angle.  Matthew Wright from Specright explains that the devil is in the data, and with proper data tools and management, companies can anticipate supply chain issues and thus increase sustainability by eliminating any previously undiscoverable hiccups in the supply chain. 

Episode #112: How the Finances of Manufacturing Impacts All

Guests: Lisa Propati, VP & GM at WLS, a ProMach brand, and Bob Hersh, national managing principal at Grant Thorton

The Packaging and Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) takes over the unPACKed reins as OEM Magazine Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Neil hosts PPWLN’s new Learning Circle series. Lisa Propati, VP & GM at WLS, a ProMach brand, and guest speaker Bob Hersh, national managing principal at Grant Thorton, dive into business acumen with Neil, exploring why understanding the financial side of manufacturing, is important to career development, regardless of role.